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The Hymnastics™ software is available in "packages" that contain specific feature sets. The Basic Package is required as the starting configuration for any Hymnastics installation. It contains the powerful Hymnastics hymn search engine along with the Worship Scheduling and Worship Notes tools. Add-on upgrades are available which enhance the Basic Package with the additional features you want. The Worship Upgrade Package includes capabilities to play hymn audio (with a variety of options) and to display/project/print hymn lyrics. The Devotional Upgrade Package includes a variety of reference works that will enhance your personal worship time (including the complete Bible text and several popular study tools), as well as hymn histories, church calendar links, and the topics from both Naves and Torrey. After the Basic Package has been installed, any of the Upgrade Packages can then be installed.


    Over 2200 hymns referenced in 11 Church of Christ Hymnals & Songbooks
    Comprehensive searching and indexing capabilities that utilize over 1500 topics, all of the composers, musical attributes, Bible references, medleys, hymn text, usage by your songleaders, and much more!
    Amazing graphs that make the character of each hymnal come alive with new information. Discover in each hymnal which Scriptures are referenced most, which composers are most prominent, which topics are most referenced, and how similar it is to other hymnals.
    Servant scheduling for organizing weekly worship services.
    Worship Notes for inclusion in worship bulletins, or the "order of worship," or projected text for public use.
    User-defined annotations for individual hymns
    Advanced tracking of hymn usage for worship
    Printouts of all displays and hymn information
    Software instruction manual with clear, practical advice
    Context-sensitive help available for all program functions


    Lyrics (text) for over 2800 hymns, including ALL hymns in "Songs of Faith and Praise" and "Praise for the Lord," as well as many hymns in the other hymnals.
    NEW in Version 2.1 -- Shape notes, custom hymnals, user-defined audio links, audio with instrumental introduction, and more!
    Audio tracks for 1000 hymns, with all harmony parts.
         Play individual parts or groups of parts
         Play the lyrics in a sing-along "Karaoke" style
         Play the musical score while seeing it displayed on the screen
         Display a slide show of images associated with each hymn

    Projection capability for congregational use. Hymn lyrics, textual messages, and inspirational images can be displayed in a large format for public viewing. Helpful sing-along animation helps everyone follow along and learn new songs. (Note: a suitable PC projector is required for projecting onto a screen)


    Background history for hundreds of hymns.
    The entire Bible text (KJV) and topical references from Nave's and Torrey's topical Bibles.
    Daily devotionals linked to hymns, readings, and popular reference works. Customize the contents to provide meditative readings that are inspirational, topical, seasonal, compositional, or Scriptural.

With the Hymnastics™ 2.0 software, your PC can become:

    A worship leader's toolbox for selecting appropriate hymns and keeping a record of hymn usage and familiarity
    A portable hymnal that provides musical accompaniment
    A simpler worship projection system than Microsoft® Powerpoint®
    (Note: a suitable PC projector is required for projecting onto a screen)
    A tool for learning new hymns and songs, helping you to see and hear each individual part
    An assistant for teaching songs to others (in an easy, sing-along fashion)
    A reference for hymn studies, church calendar events, and topical lessons
    A powerful worship scheduler that will automatically assign servants for you (and let you modify the results)
    A guide for daily devotionals and readings

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Hymnastics™ Version 2.2 is available for IBM PCs and Compatibles with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Version 3.0 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista. Installation requires at least a Pentium class PC with 100MB HD, 128MB RAM (256MB RAM preferred). This software is fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Copyright © 1997-2008, by Gilead Software; all rights reserved. Hymnastics is a trademark of Gilead Software.
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